10 Reasons for you to come to “Draw Near” 2016.

  1. Because it is better than winning a magical Jesus nightlight (admit it you were jealous when one of those was given away and it wasn’t to you).
  2. Because you want to “draw near” to God.  You do. If you don’t (but deep inside you do) you should.  Therefore, you should come.
  3. The food at Stillwood will blow your mind!  Bring a brain diaper and get ready.
  4. In a busy urban culture, our church highly values these dedicated times away where we can simply be together for an extended period of time.  These times together are a priority for CityLights.
  5. You will learn lots and be challenged, inspired, and encouraged by Elbert Paul’s stories and teaching.  It is a joy that he is able to come from California to teach.  He is highly recommended by one pastor in the States as “the best person that I know of to teach on these topics” with knowledge, experience, and grace.
  6. You still need to learn more about walking in the Spirit and interacting with God.  It is worth investing in your relationship with God.
  7. Pastor Brett says you should come.  Listening to spiritual leaders is biblical.
  8. The people who went last year were highly impacted and loved it.  Don’t be “one of those” who miss out this year – then you will have regrets (like that time you ate that second piece of pie at thanksgiving and ended up bloated with a headache) – don’t have regrets.  Register today.
  9. The location and amenities make it very accessible.  Great clean lodging and it isn’t that far of a drive. No excuses!
  10. If you come you will win the chance to either: hold a baby, receive a hug from Natalie, or get a high-five from Earl.


In the words of Nike “just do it.”

Get info and register here.



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