Aug 12-15 CityLights & Friends are doing our first Epic Summer Getaway!  You should come. 


10 Reasons (we shortened it from 43) why you should come! 

  1. Natalie Donald will be there and she is super fun.
  2. It is an opportunity amidst our busy lives to spend extended time simply hanging out together. That is gold!
  3. Less than an hour away.  No stressful border crossings or extended gas expenses that catch your budget by surprise.
  4. It is a great chance to meet each other’s friends (the Donald’s have a whole crew of friends coming that you will get the privilege of hanging with).
  5. You get the glory of camping without needing all the gear. There is the option of the lodge.
  6. It is a private site so no crazy teenagers across the way bothering you with their rowdy shenanigans.  Instead, you get to be rowdy and receive no noise complaints.
  7. There are bathrooms and a kitchen for all you people who can only handle glamping (glamorous camping).
  8. It is a great deal!
  9. Morning bacon + lake view + indoor bathroom = a better combo than anything McDonald’s offers.
  10. Braeden will be there with his guitar to sing beautiful tunes.

Register online today!


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