4 Ways You Can Practice Prayer and Grow in Knowing Jesus

We know prayer is important and yet we seem to continually struggle to pray.  Praying can be challenging, seem boring, or feel odd especially when we do it by ourself.  To grow in prayer, like many things, it takes practice.  Here are four ways you can practice prayer and start to prioritize your relationship with Jesus.


 1.Pray with others on Sunday mornings. 

Every Sunday, CityLights has a 20 minute prayer experience.  This is brief but engaging and an easy way to practice praying and pray with others which is a great way to develop the habit of prayer.

 2. Start the habit of S.H.A.P.E and practice journalling your interactions with God. 

Focusing on and writing out what we think God is saying to us is a great way to practice hearing God.  Writing out our interaction with him is a way that helps us focus and clarify.  SHAPE stands for: Scripture, Hearing, Application, Prayer, Exaltation and is a simple process for having a time with God.  Learn more here.

3. Just say it – out loud. 

Sometimes we try too hard when it comes to prayer.  We overthink and suddenly we aren’t having a conversation or developing a relationship with God, we are just overthinking our own thoughts with ideas of God mixed in.  It can be good to slow down and just say whatever is on our mind and saying this out loud can be helpful as well.  If you are distracted, tell God that and discuss that with him.

4. Receive Prayer Training at our monthly evening Prayer Experience

Trying different ways of praying with others, being stretched, learning lessons and praying for longer than 5 minutes – this is all helpful.  This all happens at our monthly evening Prayer Experience which occurs most months.  These are a great time to practice praying.



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