How we aim to live out the mission

Vehicles and rhythms describe how we live in light of who God is, what he has done in Jesus, and who he has made us to be.  How we live is based on who God is and who we are in light of Jesus.  We discuss two dimensions in our attempt to be the church and live out being a Jesus-centered family of sent servants.

  1. Vehicles | these are organized ways that we can join together and move in the same direction. Life Communities are an important vehicle for us.  This is the “organized” aspect of how we aim to be the church, live out the identities, and know Jesus and make him known in everyday life.
  2. Rhythms | we note that all people participate in regular everyday rhythms (i.e eating).  We aim to do what we are already doing but to do it with Jesus-centered intentionality.  We desire to live the rhythms of regular life intentionally for Jesus. This is the “organic” approach to how we aim to be the church, live out the identities, know Jesus and make him known.


As a church we have four different sized “vehicles”. They all look and operate differently but are all important in getting us to where we want to go. We want to be the church and live out the identities which are going to lead us to faithfully know Jesus and make him known.


Mid-sized groups of 12-35 who share life together as a family and then bring life to others as sent servants. LC’s are our attempt to help facilitate the living out of the identities.  LC’s are outward focused communities who share food, have fun, and serve others.  LC’s meet on various days in various locations and each LC has their own focus for how they “love the city to life.”  Click here for more information.


All the LC’s as well as friends and whoever wants to join come together every Sunday to celebrate Jesus.  We recognize the importance of the gathering as we get to worship Jesus in a variety of ways.  This is a time of growth, encouragement, challenge, and fun.Click here for more information.


DNA (Discover, Nurture, Action) groups are gender specific small groups of 3-8 people that help each other know Jesus and make him known. These groups read through the Bible together and because they are smaller, can go deeper in conversation.  Our hope is that everyone joins a LC and then connects with a DNA group from their LC.  Click here for more information.


We encourage everyone to live out the servant identity and participate on a serving team or in a serving role. These teams enable our church family to flourish and impact our region.  There are practical responsibilities in any family and a church family is no different.  Examples include: hosts, facility maintenance, media, graphic design, eats & treats, and more!  Click here for more information.


We all have natural rhythms to our everyday lives (eating, celebrating, etc). We recognize that disciples are made and Jesus is at work not only in the organized programs (vehicles) but also in the organic everyday moments and rhythms of our lives. As we desire to be the church and live out the identities leading to knowing Jesus and making him known we want to help each other intentionally place Jesus at the center of all of the rhythms of our lives. It isn’t about adding a bunch of activities to our life but living all the rhythms of our regular lives all for Jesus.

Identities + Intentionality + Rhythms = All of life. All for Jesus.

We emphasize six everyday rhythms of life. W.I.S.E.R.C. (Someone joked that intentionally living out the identities in these rhythms makes one a WISER Christian).


We all work. We don’t work for money, accolades, or to prove ourselves; we work for Jesus. We want to be Jesus-centered in our work. It is all for him and it matters to him. Our work is spiritual and an act of worship. At times we may work with other Jesus-followers and we can model family in the way we love one another. We are also Sent to our work. How can we show and share Jesus with those we work with and in how we work? We are servants as we work. Work isn’t about hierarchy or power but humility and servant hood. As we live out the identities in our work we can trust that we will be able to grow in knowing Jesus and making him known. Practical Step: work to worship. Don’t avoid difficult tasks or co-workers, rather be a servant.

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We interact with people everyday: coffee shops, social media, elevators, work, recreation. How would these interactions look if we lived with Jesus-centered intentionality? How would we listen? Our everyday interactions are an opportunity to show and share Jesus in simple ways. Practical Step: Ask more questions and talk less. Learn people’s stories.



We will regularly be able to serve and bless others if we are intentional to be open to the possibilities. Whether it is helping someone move, giving away our seat, buying lunch, doing the task others avoid, cooking for sick neighbor, babysitting or volunteering, there are opportunities around us to humbly serve. As we intentionally place Jesus at the center of our lives and live as sent servants we will find that the Spirit will lead us to opportunities to live out these identities. As we interact with others we can listen for needs and then we can be servants and help meet those needs. (Gen. 12:1-3; Matt. 20:25-28; Jn. 13:1-20; Mk. 10:45; Rom. 12:1; Phil 2:1-11) Practical Step: Intentionally look for needs and then try to meet them. Join a serving team.



We all eat numerous times a day. Food meets our needs and reminds us of how Jesus meets our ultimate needs. We can worship as we enjoy eating. We can share food with other Jesus-followers and connect as a family. We can be hospitable and welcome others to eat with us. Sharing meals is an opportunity for us to be sent servants. Practical Step: Aim to share 2-3 meals a week with a mixture of people from the church family and others who aren’t following Jesus.



We all take opportunities to rest and recreate. When we live with Jesus-centered intentionality, playing hockey, watching movies, knitting, biking, hiking – these are not just things for us to do with self-serving motives but are opportunities for us to build relationships, bring life, and point people to Jesus. Jesus-centered recreation is worship as we thank him for good gifts and friends. Recreation is also a chance for us to be family as we enjoy our church family. It is also an opportunity to be sent servants as we invite others into our community to recreate with us. Practical Step: Enjoy a mixture of recreation in solitude, with church family, and with others who aren’t following Jesus.



Celebrating is a rhythm of everyone’s life. From holidays to graduations and birthdays, celebrations occur all around us. These celebrations are opportunities for us to live with Jesus-centered intentionality. We can intentionally celebrate with our church family and make memories together. We can be a sent people who invite others into celebrations and into our community. We can serve others by facilitating meaningful celebrations. Practical step: celebrate any chance you get and invite your church family and others who aren’t following Jesus to celebrate together.


If we moved to another country with the aim of knowing Jesus and making him known what would we do? We would engage in the everyday rhythms and do it with Jesus-centered intentionality. We would seek to develop relationships, learn stories, love and serve others, meet needs, create community, have fun, and seek to show and share Jesus in small and big ways. We would want to do work with other Jesus-followers, and we would pray lots. In short, we would do the regular rhythms of life but with Jesus-centered intentionality. We want to live our lives like this. Intentionally living out the identities as we participate in the everyday rhythms of life with the aim of knowing Jesus and making him known.