We are glad that you are checking out our website.  Whether you are exploring your faith or looking for a church family you’re welcome to connect with us. It can be overwhelming stepping into a new situation and community.  We hope this page addresses some of your questions as we would like to make it easy for you to connect.


Looking for a church family?   We invite you to connect with us as we serve Jesus and the city together.

Not sure if church is for you?  Many of us have wondered that.  We invite you to give our church family a chance and to come as you are.  We believe Jesus changes everything but you don’t have to believe that to connect with us.  Come as you are.

Spiritually curious?  Experimenting with spirituality but looking for clarity?  Perfect.  We invite you to examine the life of Jesus and come journey with us.

Skeptical of Christianity or religion?  Hurt by past experiences? You are not alone.  We believe God is big enough to handle our questions and doubts and encourage you to explore Jesus.

Our church gathers on Sundays and we invite you to come join us.  Come as you are.  We welcome all ages and if you are curious about information for kids then click here.  We also share life together throughout the week and if you are interested we invite you to connect over food midweek.

We are an informal, energetic and welcoming church that welcomes all people regardless of age, background or ethnicity.  We are a younger church family but we love how more people of various ages and backgrounds are connecting.

Our purpose is to know Jesus and make him known in everyday life.  We are excited about knowing Jesus personally. It isn’t just ritual for us.  We are also excited about showing and sharing Jesus with others.

Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions.  For anything else please contact us.

What kind of church are we?

We are a church family that follows Jesus and wants to know him more! We also want to share Jesus with others. It isn’t just about religious routines for us. We want to know Jesus and walk in tune with his Spirit. We also want others to know Jesus and his amazing life-changing power.

If you are aware of traditions and denominations then it could be helpful for you to know that we are an Evangelical church family that is a part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and connected to an inter-denominational Canadian church planting network called C2C Network. Our founding pastor and a handful of others were sent from Living Waters Church in Fort Langley to start CityLights. If those names don’t mean anything to you that is fine.

A few more highlights about us:

  • We aren’t just about “going” to church but want to “be” the church.
  • We believe the Bible is our authority as God’s Word to us and value traditions.
  • We are informal and practical. Our dress, teaching, and gatherings are relaxed yet intentional.
  • We like to have fun and share food.
  • We value prayer as we want to continue to grow in hearing from God and connecting with him.
  • We exist to know Jesus and make him known.

What are Sunday Gatherings like?

We hope that everyone feels welcome when we gather together. We do our best to explain why we do what we do so everyone feels included. There are a mixture of people participating. Some have followed Jesus for years, others are exploring Jesus for the first time in their life. Come as you are.

Our gathering are relaxed yet intentional and include: times of singing, prayer, Bible teaching that is relevant to our everyday lives, communion, and coffee.

For more info on our Sunday Gatherings and what to expect click here.

Do I have to be “religious” to come?

We started CityLights with the desire to welcome those curious about Jesus into community so we could journey together. Seekers, skeptics, and the “non-religious” are incredibly welcome!

We follow Jesus diligently and believe the Bible is our authority but you don’t have to. Come as you are. We believe Jesus is alive and all-powerful and that he can handle any doubts, fears, or concerns we have. Feel free to journey with us and take your time. You don’t need to conform, change, or convert to come. We desire for you to come to know Jesus and will encourage you towards Jesus but we will not pressure you. We hope you will come and journey with us.

What are my next steps in getting connected?

We are about way more than Sundays and there are lots of ways to engage and get connected. We hope you can jump in with us!

1. Visit a Life Community

Life Communities are mid-sized groups of 12-35 that desire to share life as a family and also bring life to our city. LC’s are not just a meeting to attend but a community to participate with. The best way to hangout with a LC is to connect us or chat with a host during a Sunday Gathering. **Click here for more info on Life Communities (LINK).** unnecessary

2. Join a Servant Team

One of the best ways to be involved, meet people, and get connected is to serve. We believe that health comes through active participation and want to encourage you, when you are ready (but don’t wait too long:) to start serving. Serving teams include: Eats & Treats, Gathering Hosts, CityLights Kids, Sound & Media, & more. **For more information click here or contact us and we can help you take the next step.**redudant??

3. Participate in a Sunday Gathering

Why do you do communion at the Gathering every week?

Communion is a significant practice for Jesus-followers where we consume the bread and juice remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection. For more information on communion and how it fits in our Sunday Gatherings click here (link Sunday-communion not existant)

Can I be prayed for?

As a church, we aim to know Jesus more and because of this, prayer is important to us. There are regular opportunities for anyone to receive prayer. You don’t have to be religious or have any certain background. Whether it is a desire for God to reveal himself, a need, physical healing, assistance in overcoming sin, or simply wanting to be encouraged – you can receive prayer. God hears. God is close.

Anytime we are together we can pray so feel free to ask. In addition, each Sunday Gathering includes an opportunity to receive prayer. Towards the end of the Gathering, a prayer team will go to a specific area and be available to pray for anyone interested. This generally occurs during the time of music towards the end of the Gathering.

For more info on prayer and when various Prayer Experiences occur click here.