Four Ways To Connect Beyond Sunday

Growing in Jesus is a communal process.  We don’t do it alone.  Getting connected and moving from being a spectator to a participant can be a big step but it is a important and fun one!

  1. Get involved with Wednesday night midweek activities. 

Alpha was on Wednesdays through much of the Fall.  But moving forward, Wednesdays are the day that many of our opportunities to connect occur.  Some upcoming examples are:

  • W. Nov 30th: Prayer Experience Summit.
  • W. Dec 7th: Christmas Unplugged Comedy Party
  • W. Jan 4th: Vision 2017!

In 2017 some exciting new developments are on the horizon.


2. Sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter (scroll down to the footer and do it right now)

  • Seriously, you should do it right now and then come back to reading this.


3. Join a Serving Team!  You are needed. 

  • Because Jesus postured himself as a servant, we do the same.  Serving is not an optional thing for those who aren’t “busy.”  It is a lifestyle choice for all Jesus’ followers who live as He did.  Choosing to serve monthly on a Servant team is a practical, easy and beneficial step.
  • Eats & Treats, Hosts, Media, Sound, CityLights Kids, Events, Graphic Design, and more.
  • Email to begin the conversation on who you can “test drive” a servant team and see what fits for you.
  • Almost all of our teams are currently short and can use more servants.


4. Follow CityLights on Facebook and subscribe to events so you get notified.





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