Life Communities are mid-sized groups of 12-35 who spend time together regularly and also plan to serve others.

The Church is a people who are a Jesus-centered family of sent servants. These are primary identities of the Church that we emphasize as central. We want to organize our church around these identities. Life Communities are our attempt to do so and are a key vehicle for our church. LC’s aim to live out the identities; sharing life as a Jesus-centered family and bringing life to others as sent servants. In doing so, LC’s enjoy sharing food, hanging out, inviting others into community, praying, celebrating and more. Each LC chooses a people that they intend to serve with the hope of showing and sharing the love of Jesus and making things better. This may be a neighbourhood, a people group, or a subculture of the city.

A Life Community is not a meeting to attend, but a sent family to participate with.

A Life Community is not primarily a Bible study, though the Bible may be studied.

A Life Community is not primarily a care group or a small group, though it may be smaller and people do care for each other.


Each LC will have its own schedule depending on who they are and how they are serving others. In different seasons, LC’s have different events and serve in various ways. Regardless of the season or schedule, every LC tries to have a consistent weekly time when they get together. For example, one LC may throw a weekly picnic in the park through the summer every Wednesday and invite friends. Heading into the Fall, they may keep Wednesday as their consistent time but move into a home where they will share appy’s and have a time of discussion.

LC’s are not just about a weekly meeting as the hope is that the people will begin to share life together.


Talk to a church leader or a host at Gathering who can connect you with an LC leader.

Contact us for more information about joining an LC.

We invite you to connect beyond Sundays. Joining an LC is the first step.