We love Sundays and love celebrating Jesus together.

Time: 10am

Location: 3410 Boundary Rd. Burnaby.  Bus stops are nearby.  Free parking is available in the small lot and on the street

We are a youthful family-friendly church and we invite you to come as you are. Below is some information that will hopefully help you feel at ease as you connect with us. Our church gathers at the 34Ten Centre (a renovated church building). The 34Ten Centre is wheelchair accessible. We are an informal, energetic and welcoming church that welcomes all people regardless of age, background or ethnicity. We hope to be diverse as our city is diverse, yet unified around Jesus. We are a younger church family but we love how more people of various ages and backgrounds are connecting. We hope that everyone feels welcome when we gather together. We do our best to explain why we do what we do so everyone feels included. There are a mixture of people participating. Some have followed Jesus for years, others are exploring Jesus for the first time in their life.

This is a brief video that gives a glimpse of our gatherings and facilities

What to Expect

A Prayer experience occurs prior to the Gathering and is open to anyone. For information click here. At 9:45am the doors are open and as you arrive, someone will be ready to greet you and provide any direction that would be helpful. A member of the CityLights Kids team will be available to answer any questions. There is a washroom in the lobby as well as on the lower level. Feel free to mingle in the lobby or head directly into the gathering space to grab a seat if you prefer not to mingle.

Every Sunday is not identical and as a church just starting we appreciate flexibility but there is consistency to what is involved in the gatherings. Generally, we will open with a couple songs or a corporate reading/prayer. The words to the songs are projected on TV screens. Children will be dismissed towards the start of the Gathering. The pastor or another speaker will teach from the Bible a message that applies to our lives for 35-45 minutes. Bibles are available at the back Connect Centre as well as placed on various seats. The references will be on the screen so everyone can follow along.

We believe the message of Jesus calls for a response from us, so each week we spend time following the teaching to reflect on what we’ve heard, pray, sing, and celebrate communion. During this time of response, there is a prayer team available if you wish to receive prayer.

Whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time, coming back to the Church after a long season away, or someone who has been part of the faith for your whole life, you are invited to journey with us. It’s ok if you don’t have it all figured out yet. Everyone is welcome.


We value children and see them as a gift and blessing from God. At our Sunday gatherings, we have a simple children’s program so kids can have fun and learn about Jesus in an age-appropriate way. Our CityLights Kids team are qualified and trained volunteers who will assist parents in checking-in their kids before the gathering begins.

CityLights Kids is continuing to develop and grow. Currently there is a nursery beside the gathering space for infants to age 2 where parents can take their child. We often do not have many kids but when there are older children then there are activities available for them in the CityLights Kids area on the lower floor. They will be dismissed during the Gathering.

We aim for kids to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment while also giving parents the freedom to have their kids engage as they are comfortable. For more information on CityLights Kids click here.

Each Sunday there will be teaching from the Bible that is practical and applicable. We generally have a teaching series that either walks through a book, portion of the Bible verse by verse, or address specific topics. We trust you’ll learn some helpful things but that’s not really the point. The point is centering ourselves around Jesus. This means we teach from the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus. All our teachings are online, so you can listen in or catch up on a series, listen here.For information on the current teaching series click here.


Communion is a significant practice for Jesus-followers where we consume the bread and juice remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection. The bread represents Jesus’ broken body and the juice his shed blood. It is through food that we get life but Jesus is the “bread of life” (John 6:35). Jesus, as our substitute, died the death we deserve to die and offers us the gift of eternal life. We receive Jesus’ gift of forgiveness by faith. We remember that Jesus took our death and gives us his life. Communion is a physical picture that represents us receiving life from Jesus that has been central to the Church ever since the beginning.

We desire to have Jesus at the center of everything we do, and for us, it seemed beneficial and appropriate to participate in communion each week. This provides us the opportunity to remember and celebrate what we have received from Jesus! Communion generally occurs following the teaching. We respond to God’s word by participating in communion, singing, and prayer. Followers of Jesus are all welcome to walk up to the front and receive the communion elements and then take them in your own time. We encourage people to receive communion with a friend or spouse and pray together.

If you are not a follower of Jesus, you can simply sing, pray, observe, or think as communion occurs. It won’t be awkward.

For more information on Jesus click here.

CityLights music is simple and Jesus-centered. It is one of the ways we worship when we gather together. We are thankful for the musicians that God has gifted to serve and lead us. But music is more than mere entertainment, it is a way for us to focus on Jesus, worship Jesus, and respond to the love of God that we know through Jesus.

Followers of Jesus sing to God as an expression of worship. It is like we sing prayers of truth together. You will also notice that we respond physically, some may lift hands or clap as ways of physically responding in worship to God. We believe that as spiritual beings, our physical response to God matters.

Those who come and are not followers of Jesus are welcome to sing along or simply observe.

Style of music

We at times will have a full band with guitars, piano, drums, etc. Other times it will be simple and acoustic. We play a variety of music, examples including: Citizens & Bryan & Katie Torwalt. We also appreciate older hymns done in new ways.

Every Sunday gathering includes an opportunity to receive prayer. Towards the end of the gathering, a prayer team will go to a specific area and be available to pray for anyone interested. This generally occurs during the time of music towards the end of the gathering.

For more info on prayer and when various Prayer Experiences occur click here.



An informal environment – no dress code

Come in what is comfortable for you. We are relaxed and informal. Jeans are commonplace in our gatherings though there is always freedom to dress up if you prefer. God looks at our hearts and our hope is that you will be encouraged and experience the love of God. It isn’t about what we wear.

An open environment – you don’t need to be “religious” to come

We started CityLights with the desire to welcome those curious about Jesus into community so we could journey together. Seekers, skeptics, and the “non-religious” are incredibly welcome!

We follow Jesus diligently and believe the Bible is our authority but you don’t have to. Come as you are. We believe Jesus is alive and all-powerful and that he can handle any doubts, fears, or concerns we have. Feel free to journey with us and take your time. You don’t need to conform, change, or convert to come. We desire for you to come to know Jesus and will encourage you towards Jesus but we will not pressure you. We hope you will come and journey with us.

We believe it is important to eat together and often there will be snacks and coffee available. We also at times will have BBQ’s, picnics, or potluck feasts following Sunday gatherings.

To see a list of upcoming events click here.


We take Jesus and our commitment to him and his mission seriously. It is all of life – all for Jesus. That being said, Jesus brings much joy and we believe that in God’s presence joy should abound (Psalms 16:11). We like laughing together and welcome laughter during our Gatherings and the teaching. Our point is that we want to have fun together and believe Jesus wants that too.

We also recognize that people experience pain and not everyone comes full of happiness. We desire to grow in becoming a community where we can come to Gatherings as we are, without having to put on a mask. Both suffering and celebration are a part of the journey. We desire for each of us to feel the freedom to meet God as we are – that is how he meets us. That being said, generally our Gatherings are a place where laughter, joy and fun are embraced.

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