All of life. All for Jesus.

We don’t just steward our financial resources in a Jesus-centered way as an act of worship, we steward our whole lives.  Being a part of Jesus’ church involves a giving of oneself in a variety of ways including practical service.

Our hope is that everyone who is a part of the CityLights family will have an intentional serving role at least once a month.  We also invite those newer to CityLights, even those who are not currently following Jesus to get involved.  Serving is a fun way to contribute and get to know people.

Three Simple Ways to Serve:

  • Serve during a Sunday Gathering.  There are numerous simple ways including set-up, media, eats & treats and more.
  • Take on a practical project or help with facility maintenance.  This is a great fit for those who are creative or good with their hands.  Ask when what projects are in the works or when the next work day is.
  • Invite others over or out for a meal.  Inviting people into relationship and extending hospitality is a valuable act of service.

For more info on how to serve please see the Current Needs or Servant Team pages or feel free to contact us so we can discern where you would best fit.