We often have groups walk through the Story of God.  Contact us to find out when the next group is starting.

What is the “Story of God”?

It is a summary of God’s story based on the Bible that allows one to learn who God is and how the story of one’s life fits into God’s Great Story.  One facilitator will share the scene for that session and then there is discussion.  It is excellent because we all have questions like:

  • What is the point of life?
  • Why are we all here?
  • How do we find hope and purpose?
  • What is God like?
  • How did the church start?
  • What is Christianity all about?

The Story of God will address these questions and more.  Anyone can join.  One does not need to be a Jesus-follower to participate.  It is a great introduction to the Bible as the great story of God.

What does a Story of God group look like?

Consists of 6-15 people who meet regularly in a home or coffee shop (wherever discussion can occur and food shared).  The group can walk through all of the Story in either 10 or 22 sessions.

Generally, at each meeting the group will share food together and then a section of the Story will be shared.  The majority of the time is spent discussing the Story.  All are welcome and no previous knowledge or experience is necessary because all of the discussion is based on the Story that is being told.

Who should participate in a Story of God group?

It is great for those who have questions and are confused about who God is and why Jesus matters. Exciting for those who don’t understand Christianity and want to learn. Excellent for Christians who want to grow in their faith and have greater biblical understanding and depth. Beneficial for skeptics who want to understand the story more but desire the space to discover at their own pace. Worthwhile for those familiar with other religions who want to get the real scoop on Christianity and Jesus. Fun for those who want to get to know other people.

Contact us about checking out a Story of God group.