DNA groups are one of our four vehicles to live out the identities as we desire to know Jesus and make him known in everyday life.  These are small gender specific groups of 3-8 Jesus-followers who connect regularly.

DNA Stands for:

Discover = learn who Jesus is and what he has to say to us personally through the Bible.

Nurturing = caring for one another and walking out the journey in community

Action = intentionally take action to obey what Jesus calls us to.

DNA Groups provide a structure for us to care deeply for one another and bring accountability to each other’s lives.


Who joins a DNA?

 Each group is a gender specific group of 3-8 people who gather regularly (1-2 wks). These groups primarily come together through Life Community. Typically, there is a facilitator though everyone in the group is speaking into each other’s lives and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. The hope is that every Jesus-follower who is a part of the CityLights family joins a Life Community and a DNA group.


What is involved?

The group is founded on discovering what Jesus has to say through his Spirit by the reading of the Bible. DNA groups read through the Bible together. This group will also nurture and encourage each other as they meet regularly and discuss life. The goal is action. We want to hear from God and then obey God. Active obedience is key.  DNA groups often meet in the mornings in order to not fill another evening.

For more info see the DNA Manual.


How to get involved?

  • Join a Life Community and talk to a LC leader.
  • Talk to a church overseer or deacon.