We value children and see them as a gift and blessing from God

At our Sunday Gatherings, we have a children’s program so kids can have fun and learn about Jesus in an age-appropriate way. We want children to both enjoy themselves and grow in knowledge and understanding.

Upon arrival there will be a CityLights Kids table with a volunteer there to check-in kids in and answer any questions. After checking-in you can bring your kids into the Gathering space with you. Towards the beginning of the Gathering, kids will be dismissed and the CityLights Kids team will lead them to the designated kids area.

What to expect for your kids?

CityLights Kids is continuing to develop and grow! Currently there is:

  • A nursery beside the Gathering space for infants to age 2 where parents can take their child. Parents can hear and see the gathering from the nursery.
  • Fun activities for ages 2-8 years old will occur in the CityLights Kids Area.

Children can look forward to a time of music, organized activities, a teaching lesson, and a craft. We believe in family and believe that parents and caregivers are to be the most influential guiders of their kids lives. We will do our best to provide resources to equip parents to foster and develop discussion that goes beyond the CityLights Kids activities.

If parents prefer for their children to stay with them in the Gathering some paper and drawing utensils are available.

We value the safety and comfort of your child.

Kids activities occur in a designated kids area. We also have a policy of “team teaching” for our CityLights Kids team, meaning that a team of two volunteers always leads children. All volunteers go through an application process, do criminal record checks, and receive input on safety guidelines.

We aim for kids to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment while also giving parents the freedom to have their kids engage as they are comfortable.

If you have any questions or concerns about a volunteer or the CityLights Kids program, do not hesitate to contact us.