Often in-between our teaching series we will have teachings that aren't apart of of any series. These stand alone teachings are important and often refreshing!

Hope & Hosanna: We Have =Reason to Rejoice

Palm Sunday is about hope. Looking back and looking forward. This teaching looks at the background of Palm Sunday and how we can recognize that Jesus is king and we have reason to rejoice.

Mark 11:1-11
April 9, 2017

Who is Jesus?

In this powerful sermon teaching, professor Rikk Watts gives an overview of Jesus from a historical perspective.  Along the way he gives practical illustrations and connects important dots within the story of God. Jesus is the most influential person in human history and he is the way to life.
May 29, 2016

We Need the Holy Spirit (Pentecost Sunday)

Why do we need to seek to be filled with the Spirit?  Pastor Brett examines three reasons why we need to be filled with the Spirit in this Pentecost Sunday teaching.

Ephesians 5:18
May 15, 2016

Ask Anything Q&A

On this Sunday, instead of a teaching, people texted in questions which were then discussed mostly by Pastor Brett but also by others in the church family.

May 8, 2016

Jesus the Lamb of God (Good Friday)

In this brief teaching given at the Good Friday Experience, Pastor Brett provides an overview of sacrifice throughout the Story of God.  Questions are noted such as “whats the big deal with blood in Christianity?” and “why is Jesus called the “lamb of God?”  He explains how all of human history and the biblical story leads to Jesus.  Jesus’ death is a world changing event as he dies as a substitutionary sacrifice.

March 25, 2016

Loved by God

In this stand-alone teaching, Michael teaches on the love of God that pursues and saves us as we turn from our selfish ways.

1 John 1:5-9
March 20, 2016

Compelled By Love

This inspiring and encouraging teaching is given by Mike Bidell, church planter in Victoria and friend of CityLights. Mike discussed the love of God and how God loves us and how that impacts the way we love others.

Luke 10:25-37
March 6, 2016

Fearless Leadership Seminar with Dr. Greg


Whether in the home, church, or marketplace, we all lead in some way. How do we increase our leadership capacity? While improving our behavior or skill set is helpful, it can miss the factor that determines the quality of our leadership: our hearts. This seminar examines the core issues that undermine our leadership, and explores how to lead in a way that is inspiring for others and life-giving for us.

  • Increase your ability to recognize the areas of fear and anxiety in your heart.
  • Discover some language to be able to identify and discuss matters of the heart.
  • Grow in becoming a “non-anxious presence.”


Dr. Greg W. Mitchell writes and teaches on theology, counseling, and leadership. He is a “pastor to pastors,” and his training materials are used around the world. He has pastored for over 25 years in Vancouver, Canada, and has received a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Christian Counseling, Master of Christian Studies, and Doctor of Ministry. Greg and Debbie have been married for 30 years and have four of their own children, and six more added to their care in the last six years. When he’s not at home or work, you can find him on a mountain bike trail or in a gym playing floor hockey. His deepest passion is to see the good news of the gospel transform people’s relationships.


It is more and more apparent that we live in an anxiety-filled, fear-driven society.  We feel rushed, we avoid conflict, we can explode with those close and can be passive with those we aren’t close to.  We are afraid of offending, afraid of rejection, afraid of failure.  Our society is often driven by fear.  Our drive may lead to so-called “success” but our drive isn’t always healthy or peaceful.

We want church to be a community, a spiritual family where we learn to live by faith not fear.  We want to be a people who bring a non-anxious presence into times of turmoil, striving, and rushing.  We want to be bold yet humble.  Courageous and safe.  To move in this direction it won’t be behaviour modification but heart transformation.  We need to learn to analyze our heart. We need tools. We need language. We need teaching.

February 6, 2016

The heart and vision of CityLights

In part one, Brett discusses Psalm 131 and the invitation to calm and quiet our souls before God finding contentment in Him. In part two, Brett explains how the vision of CityLights relates to Psalm 131. In 2016, the heart of CityLights is to become a prayerful, non-anxious people who are growing in knowing Jesus. This is the foundation for everything else.

Psalm 131
January 10, 2016

Mind the Gap

In this important and impactful teaching, guest speaker Pastor Greg took an idea from Nehemiah and walked through a biblical overview showing a theme through the Bible. God allows us to wait, wants us to mind the gap. Why? Listen and find out.

January 3, 2016