We don’t just want to go to church - we want to be the church. We want to be Jesus’ people and live like Jesus in our city in order to make Jesus known. How can we “be” the church? What are the practices or patterns that we can learn from Jesus and imitate in our own lives? In this series, we are going to take a few weeks to examine the life and leadership as recorded in Luke’s Gospel. This is a practical series for those curious about Jesus to learn more and it is important for those who are already Christians. If Jesus was here, in person, leading a church today - how would he lead it? Let’s look at what he did and reimagine church together.

Hearing & Obeying

What are the obstacles that hinder our prayer life? In this practical teaching, pastor Brett gives an overview of the topic of hearing and obeying. Hearing from God and stepping out in obedience is central to following Jesus and being the church.

Luke 4:38-44
October 2, 2016

Why Mission Matters: “Out”

God’s people are a sent people with the commission to show and share Jesus and the good news of his kingdom. In this teaching, Pastor Brett discusses why this matters examining Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God in Luke 13.

Luke 13:18-30

Church Family: Nicety or Necessary? “In”

Can we follow Jesus by ourselves? Do we need to be a part of a spiritual family? We can notice what Jesus’ priorities are as he starts his ministry and we have much to learn.

September 11, 2016

Being the “Up” Focused Church

What relationship matters most to Jesus? Are we the same? This teaching looks at the powerful moment of Jesus’ baptism and how it is immediately followed by the temptation in the desert. Why? Those two events are the markers for the start of his ministry. This matters to us for our lives as well. Listen and explore.

Luke 3:15-4:13
September 11, 2016