This brief teaching series looks at three themes of Advent: love, joy, and peace as the opening two chapters of Luke are explored. We explore what we learn about God’s character and the person of Jesus even in the story of Jesus’ birth. Take a step towards love, joy and peace. Take a step towards King Jesus - the King of Christmas.

King of Peace

What is peace?  How do we step towards greater peace?  In this teaching, Corey & Brett team up to discuss how the Christmas story is one of peace and yet the circumstances are far from peaceful.  What does it mean to find peace in the midst of challenging circumstances?

Luke 2:1-21
December 20, 2015

King of Joy

Joy and Christmas go hand in hand.  But what is the source of our joy?  In this teaching, Pastor Brett looks at Mary, who in challenging circumstances finds herself rejoicing.  Where does Mary find joy?  Listen and find out.

Luke 1:39-58
December 13, 2015

King of Love

This teaching starts a three part series looking at the themes of advent. Pastor Brett discusses how Jesus is the King of Christmas and how Christmas is a reminder of God’s love.

Luke 1:26-38
December 6, 2015