What is church? An event, building, people? When we say "church" we refer to the people of God, Jesus' followers. With that in mind, what are the identifies or "identities" of Jesus' followers? This series examines some of our convictions surrounding the purpose, identities and heart of God's people the Church. This series will give insight into why CityLights exists and what we hope for. Join in the journey!

It is Not About Me

In this practical and humorous teaching, Pastor Brett discusses a central obstacle to being the church, living out the identities, and seeing change occur in our church and city. The obstacle is ourselves. Four examples of “heart idols” are discussed as examples of how we are often me-centered. Invitation is given for us to look to Jesus with the hope of becoming increasingly Jesus-centered.

September 20, 2015

Becoming Jesus-centered: a tale of three “would-be” disciples

In this teaching, Pastor Brett introduces the identities of CityLights. The foundational identity is that we are a Jesus-centered people. This is who we are and who we are becoming.

Brett discusses three stories from Luke’s Gospel that speak to what is involved in following Jesus and what it means to place him at the center of our world.

September 13, 2015