Strange People – The Philippians History – Phil #3

Get the background on how Philippians started. If you were going to start a church in an influential city, who would you choose? For most of us, it is clear that God chooses differently because the group that most likely becomes the start of the church in Philippi is a strange group. Additionally, God chooses strange methods, including suffering. Guest speaker Josh Dool comments on how God uses suffering for his glory and how he unites strange people.

Acts 16:12-40
November 6, 2016

Why Mission Matters: “Out”

God’s people are a sent people with the commission to show and share Jesus and the good news of his kingdom. In this teaching, Pastor Brett discusses why this matters examining Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God in Luke 13.

Luke 13:18-30

Handling Opposition (to Heaven & Hell)

Are Jesus-followers to expect difficulties, insults, rejection, awkwardness and opposition?  How does do the New Testament Scriptures speak into our processing and perspective of opposition?  If what Jesus taught about heaven and hell is real then those beliefs are not popular in our city and would be opposed. What do we do with that?
1 Peter 4:12-19
May 1, 2016