Money Matters: Jesus-centered Financial Practices – Phil #13

As Paul ends the letter to the Philippians discussing finances, one can see some radical perspectives when it comes to money. Giving to gospel work is viewed as leading to divide credit/interest. Paul desires the Philippians to have an eternal reward. This relates to Jesus’ instruction that we should be “rich towards God” in Luke 12. What does this mean? What are the financial practices that God has given to his people to lead us towards being rich towards him and wise in his eyes?

Luke 12:15-30
March 19, 2017

Christ + Cash: Jesus-centered Financial Perspectives – Phil #12

How can Paul, while in chains, say he is content? How do we get to the point where enough is enough? What is the biblical framework that can give us a perspective on finances that is Jesus-centered and moves us towards contentment as well? Pastor Brett zooms out of Philippians and discusses three central points that can shape our finances and our lives.

Philippians 4:10-23
March 12, 2017

Neh.#11: God & Giving

Why does money matter so much to God?  Why do the people of Israel in the midst of revival focus on their financial stewardship so much?  How are Christians today to understand what our responsibilities are financially?  This is what we dive into in this teaching.  Note: this teaching involved Q&A time and though much is covered it is more a start to a conversation than the end of one.
Nehemiah 10
February 7, 2016

Neh. #6: God-centered Finances

Pastor Brett teaches on the bad financial practices of the Jews in Nehemiah’s day and how Nehemiah operated differently. How can we gauge our financial practices? What motivates us towards Jesus-centered financial practices? These questions are discussed.

Nehemiah 5
November 15, 2015

Hard Cash & Heart Condition

In this teaching, Brett examines what Christian perspectives and practices are related to finances. What does God expect? Why does Jesus talk so much about money? How is our money connected to our hearts? What kind of power does it hold? Listen to find out.

Money matters to us and it matters to God. It matters how we view it and use it.

Matthew 6:19-34
February 22, 2015