Jesus + Nothing = Everything – Phil #8

What is your treasure? The apostle Paul claims that all his success, he would put in the loss category in order to gain more of Christ. How would God speak to us through this powerful passage?

Philippians 3:1-12
January 29, 2017

The Prize of a Progressing Perspective – Phil #2

The power of perspective! What we prize we prioritize. What is the prize of our perspective? This is a powerful question to ask and for Jesus-followers we must examine what a jesus-centered perspective looks like. In this passage, the apostle Paul gives an example of a mature perspective. Enjoy this inspiring teaching that comments on Eddy the Eagle, the Magnificent 7, and more.

Philippians 1:12-21
October 30, 2016

Being the “Up” Focused Church

What relationship matters most to Jesus? Are we the same? This teaching looks at the powerful moment of Jesus’ baptism and how it is immediately followed by the temptation in the desert. Why? Those two events are the markers for the start of his ministry. This matters to us for our lives as well. Listen and explore.

Luke 3:15-4:13
September 11, 2016

It is Not About Me

In this practical and humorous teaching, Pastor Brett discusses a central obstacle to being the church, living out the identities, and seeing change occur in our church and city. The obstacle is ourselves. Four examples of “heart idols” are discussed as examples of how we are often me-centered. Invitation is given for us to look to Jesus with the hope of becoming increasingly Jesus-centered.

September 20, 2015