Looking Up + Locking Arms With Joy – Phil #11

How do we lower anxiety and increase joy? What does Christian maturity look like? In this rich passage, maturity, joy, and relationships are addressed. Pastor Brett discusses this rich passage and how maturity involves looking up for joy and locking arms with joy.

Philippians 4:1-9
February 26, 2017

Neh.#8: God Has Joy For Us

Pastor Brett recaps the book of Nehemiah and introduces Part Two of the series on Nehemiah addressing reform, revival, and renewal. This teaching focuses on chapter eight noting how a spiritual revival begins to occur amongst God’s people.  They begin to intentionally obey God and this involves joy.  Obedience leads to joy.

Nehemiah 8
January 17, 2016

King of Joy

Joy and Christmas go hand in hand.  But what is the source of our joy?  In this teaching, Pastor Brett looks at Mary, who in challenging circumstances finds herself rejoicing.  Where does Mary find joy?  Listen and find out.

Luke 1:39-58
December 13, 2015