What is Heaven Really Like?

Is heaven spirits floating in the clouds?  Are we to get excited about harps, clouds, flying babies, and cream cheese for eternity?  In this teaching, Brett examines Heaven from a biblical perspective.  Note: a portion of this teaching involved Q&A as well as short videos that helped to communicate the heart of the teaching.  The podcast will be beneficial but will miss some of these elements.

April 10, 2016

Hope that Breathes (Easter)

Why does Easter matter to our everyday lives today?  How does Jesus’ resurrection transform our hope and why does hope change how we live?  Why are we chasing people to hook our hope to?  In this important and encouraging Easter message, Pastor Brett examines how Easter gives hope for tomorrow, today, and forever.   This teaching relates and introduces the teaching series focusing on the question: “what happens after you die?”

1 Peter 1:3-7
March 27, 2016