Neh.#11: God & Giving

Why does money matter so much to God?  Why do the people of Israel in the midst of revival focus on their financial stewardship so much?  How are Christians today to understand what our responsibilities are financially?  This is what we dive into in this teaching.  Note: this teaching involved Q&A time and though much is covered it is more a start to a conversation than the end of one.
Nehemiah 10
February 7, 2016

Hard Cash & Heart Condition

In this teaching, Brett examines what Christian perspectives and practices are related to finances. What does God expect? Why does Jesus talk so much about money? How is our money connected to our hearts? What kind of power does it hold? Listen to find out.

Money matters to us and it matters to God. It matters how we view it and use it.

Matthew 6:19-34
February 22, 2015